"When you meet Madeline, you will immediately know that she truly loves her profession."

-Pam Beler

"Art to me is love. It's the love of seeing happiness in my client's eye when presented with the commission they requested; it's the love of doing the work with all its intricacies, challenges and techniques; it's the love of using the God-given talent He gave me and helps me with each day; it's the love of using color, form, drawing, design, hue, texture, shadows, highlights - all that goes into a work of art. I'm truly blessed to work in an art that I love so much."

                                -Madeline Kerr


Madeline Long Kerr was born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and lived there most of her life. After marrying Ivin Kerr she moved to Dearborn, Michigan before settling down in Marine City, Michigan where she currently resides and has her studio.

As a little girl, age 2 to 4 she was given coloring books (encouraged to stay in the lines by her Mom and Dad). Her Mom imbued in her a color sense and with those wonderful cartons of crayons with their 12 colors and later 24! What fun.

At Ages 4 to 6 Madeline was drawing by the hour: horses and clipper ships were her favorite subjects to draw in graphite.

At Ages 6 to 8 she discovered the illustrations by Edwin Giorgi in the romance stories in Redbook magazine. Hours were spent copying his portraits of the people in the stories. The colors were spectacular and Madeline was on her way toward drawing and painting portraits. She naturally gravitated to watercolor paints adding them to her pencil talents. People discovered she could do portraits of pets and people and was first commissioned during these very early years.

At Ages 10 to 12 and beyond she worked as a portrait artist.

Madeline wanted to become a medical artist doing anatomical drawings for medical textbooks and students but lack of funds prevented such pursuits. She spent time at Meinzinger Art School in Detroit which she reveled in, allowing her to do the realistic art she so enjoyed. Following the closing of Meinzinger, she's been self taught for some 50 years.


President of the Scarab Club, 1985 - 86, Secretary, late 1970's - 85; President of the Blue Water Art Association in the 1990's; Member of the American Society of Portrait Painters; American Society of Marine Painters; American Watercolor Society and others.


Flowers were found to be a favorite subject for Madeline to paint, which resulted in gardening to provide flower models. Next, she moved to photography because of their short life. Flowers in oil, watercolor and pencil became her favorite at the shows. Still life works were requested by families, who wanted to preserve their heirlooms.

Landscapes played a part too - people's favorite places, home portraits. Landscape paintings include mountain paintings, valley paintings, panoramas in many kinds of atmospheric conditions. See the Commentary page for Renee T's thoughts and Marilyn T's comments regarding Country Lane.

Portraiture of men, women, pet portraits, dog portraits, cat portraits and animal portraits of any kind.

Child Portraits have been done and are a favorite with their cute, innocent poses. These have been requested by many of her clients. See the Commentary page for Elizabeth B's praise for the portrait of her great-grandsons.

Heirloom Portraits have been done many times to commemorate a loved one who has left this life.

Company Leader Portraits have been done for corporations that have commissioned Madeline to display such portraits in their offices, annual reports and websites.

Nautical Paintings include sailboat paintings, yacht paintings, antique boat paintings, paintings of boat launches, tugboat paintings, wooden boat paintings, and others.

Marine Paintings include surf and rock scenes, seascapes, sunset marine scenes, lighthouse paintings, lighthouse drawings, harbor paintings, coastline paintings, and beach paintings.

Photo to Paintings is the most common modeling arrangement for Madeline to create the artwork that her clients request.

Artwork Commissions are welcomed by Madeline.

Paintings for speculation are done frequently at the artist's whim for public purchase. See Paintings for Sale on this site for more information.


One woman shows at the Scarab Club in Detroit; Port Huron Museum; Great Lakes Inn, Algonac, MI; Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit and the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Madeline has worked with galleries as well.